6 July 2019 – Hyper converged Infrastructure

Hyper converged Infrastructure

6 July 2019

How can I modernise my infrastructure on a platform that will simplify the future?

Complexity dogs the data centre.

Whether on premises, or in the increasingly multi cloud world, the range of applications, interfaces, services and data sources has increased to near unmanageable levels. The task of managing, integrating and ensuring efficiency and resilience across these digital assets has become a risk for already stretched IT operations.

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) offers a means for IT teams to deploy and operate reliable, flexible and resilient infrastructure to ensure that enterprise transformation ambitions can be met and exceeded.

With vendors offering certified architectures of standardised hardware, software and management stacks, complexity can be tamed.

TechFire, in association with Island Networks and Cisco, will explore how HCI can not only speed up deployment while simplifying management, but also deliver lower cost of ownership through operational efficiencies.

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