31 May 2023 – Do you have an open relationship with your cloud partner?

Webinar: Do you have an open relationship with your cloud partner?

31 May 2023

Cloud adoption is a journey without a fixed destination.

IT pros have to deliver efficient and innovative solutions and cloud vendors are working hard to meet their demands through better pricing, more features and comprehensive ecosystems.

The downside to this is that today's most flexible partner might be tomorrow's most restrictive. There are times when cloud lock-in could represent an advantage. Where time to market and value proposition of the cloud aligns with your organisational goals, the benefits may outweigh any concerns.

The alternative is to build the solution with an appropriate layer of separation giving you the flexibility to move but at the cost of increased complexity. Therein lies the conundrum, to find a way to align with one vendor, while keeping your options open to moving on at a later date.

In other words: Do you have an open relationship with your cloud partner?

TechFire, in association with NTT DATA, looks at the work required to keep your options open. Michael O'Reilly, EMEA chief technology officer with NTT DATA, will be joined by Bank of Ireland principal architect for core banking and group manufacturing Ronan Hughes. to go through their experiences.


Event Panel

Niall Kitson, TechFire - Host & TechCentral - Editor

Niall is editor of TechCentral.ie, co-host of Ireland’s longest-running technology podcast TechRadio and moderator of the TechFire webinar series. He has been covering the tech industry in Ireland for more than 15 years.

Ronan Hughes, Principal Architect for Core Banking, Bank of Ireland

Ronan has been working in banking technology for 24 years in Core Banking and Payments, including roles as head of European payments in Natwest, board director for the UK at the European Payments Council, member of the Payments UK European Steering Group and board member of the Irish Retail Electronic Clearing Company.

Michael O’Reilly, CTO, NTT DATA Services Ireland

Michael O’Reilly is CTO, NTT DATA Ireland. With more than 25 years’ experience across the banking and insurance industries, he has a deep understanding of the design, implementation and management of complex systems including the underlying support services and vendor management.

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