12 December 2023 – Is Organisational Resilience an IT problem?

Webinar: Is organisational resilience an IT problem?

Tuesday 12 December: 10am - 11am

The TechFire webinar series returns, asking the burning question 'Is organisational resilience an IT problem? 

Operational resilience is more than security, it's a mesh of factors extending beyond security to include the pace of technological change, workforce dynamics and geopolitical events. Keeping any organisation safe and secure means handling an array of threats from cyber crime to climate change. With so many threats to business continuity it can be hard to figure out where the proverbial buck stops. If a department has the capability to solve a localised problem it may be deploying resources away from issues faced by the wider business.

This tension between business and IT is most apparent when it comes to organisational resilience, where keeping the lights on goes from an abstract concept to a pressing reality.

What's more, resilience is a now legal issue following the adoption of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), which brings with it a penalty of up to 2% of global turnover for non-compliance.

Join David Tyrrell, vice president, EMEA, NTT Data, Jonathan Law, digital operational resilience programme director at AIB and Michael O’Reilly, CTO, EMEA, NTT Data for an online, in-depth conversation on the challenges of resilience, at a time when organisations are coming under more scrutiny than ever. The discussion will also present the results of a survey of IT professionals carried out by TechCentral.ie

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Event Panel

Niall Kitson, TechFire - Host & TechCentral - Editor

• Moderator •

Niall is editor of TechCentral.ie, co-host of Ireland’s longest-running technology podcast TechRadio and moderator of the TechFire webinar series. He has been covering the tech industry in Ireland for more than 15 years.

Jonathan Law- Digital Operational Resilience Programme Director AIB

• Customer Interview •

Jonathan Law has 26 years’ experience of transformation delivery, customer, and digital experience. Jonathan delivers Digitalisation Programmes with end to end. He is Results-driven, resilient, customer focused and strategic change leader with demonstrable skills in enterprise transformation, digital, people leadership, mobilisation, strategy, stakeholder engagement, risk management and regulation, in a career spanning Retail Financial Services and Consultancy. Flawlessly executes significant initiatives to reduce risk, improve customer experience, re-design processes and execute change. Empathic and energising people leader, who has built engaged teams working to a common goal. Takes a broad strategic, commercial, solution orientated and innovative approach to addressing local and organisational wide challenges. Thrives in cross organisational and complex internal and external multi-stakeholder environments, including to Executive and Board. Adept at leading across third parties. Passionate about continuous professional development, getting a First Class Masters in Data Business.

David Tyrrell -Vice President at NTT Data Services

• Industry Insight •

David Tyrrell is an experienced senior IT Executive with a successful track record in Account Management, Programme Management, Application Management and Development, IT Operations and Sales. Growing the NTT Data Services' business in Ireland and strengthening our team so we can provide the best technology and BPO solutions to our key clients in Banking, Insurance, Teleco and Food industries.

Michael O’Reilly, CTO, NTT DATA Services Ireland

• Panelist •

Michael O’Reilly is CTO, NTT DATA Ireland. With more than 25 years’ experience across the banking and insurance industries, he has a deep understanding of the design, implementation and management of complex systems including the underlying support services and vendor management.

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