1 November 2023 – Is security automation the future of enterprise defence?

Webinar: Is security automation the future of enterprise defence?

Wednesday November 1st 10am - 11am

The TechFire webinar in association with ManageEngine returns, asking the burning question 'is security automation the future of enterprise defence?'

AI and machine learning are breaking established paradigms across the tech sector, from facial recognition to network deployment. How these new technologies are being applied in cyber security and the level of trust put in them to operate unsupervised is an issue enterprises will have to tackle as they automate routine workloads.

Joining TechCentral.ie editor Niall Kitson will be Anandh Palanisamy, cyber security expert, ManageEngine, and Piotr Gora, ICT Manager at St Michael's Hospital.

"Sometimes it seems as we're in an AI goldrush where we hear about new solutions from the big vendors on a weekly basis," said Kitson. "The reality is that the hype is far outpacing the number of real world deployments. Automation is still being thrown about as a catch-all term but the reality is some fields will always require human supervision. I look forward to discussing how enterprise defence fits into the new world of AI."

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Event Panel

Niall Kitson, TechFire - Host & TechCentral - Editor

• Moderator •

Niall is editor of TechCentral.ie, co-host of Ireland’s longest-running technology podcast TechRadio and moderator of the TechFire webinar series. He has been covering the tech industry in Ireland for more than 15 years.

Piotr Gora, Technology Infrastructure & Cloud Engineer
• Customer Experience Interview •

Piotr is a cyber security and infrastructure expert with more than 25 years experience. He is a strong advocate for digital transformation in the public sector and has spearheaded numerous initiatives to help modernise the sport and healthcare sectors.

Anandh Palanisamy, Cybersercurity Expert, ManageEngine

• Industry Insight •

Possessing a profound knowledge about Active Directory (AD) and IT Security, Anandhswamy is our seasoned IT security expert, who forms a bridge between our prospects or clients and our solutions. In his 13+ years' stint at ManageEngine as an AD and IT security solutions expert, Anandhswamy has travelled the breadth of the globe, helping thousands of IT administrators to learn the nuances of AD management and IT security. He has helped several enterprises, including some of the big names in the industry to implement fail-safe security solutions.

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