The recent TechBeat Survey of IT professionals, as to their experiences of working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, highlights a number of missed opportunities.

TechFire will examine the issue of IT professionals working remotely, asking why more organisations aren’t accommodating what could be a key facility to improve the wellbeing, and arguably the productivity, of IT professionals in Ireland.

Almost two thirds (63%) of Irish IT professionals admitted to working from home for less than a day a week on average.

% of Irish IT professionals admitted to working from home for less than a day a week on average

Do you think home working can improve your work-life balance?

Has working from home affected your productivity?

Has working from home affected your productivity?

Has working from home affected your productivity?

This is contrasted by an overwhelming 82% who said that working from home could improve their work/life balance.

When this is combined with almost three quarters (73%) who said that their productivity had improved or remained the same while working from home, and the picture that emerges is one of a major missed opportunity.

With so many organisations across Ireland suffering shortages of skilled and experienced IT professionals, are organisations missing an opportunity to attract and retain staff by keeping them office bound?

Expert speakers from Fujitsu and CWSI will explore the infrastructure, tools and services necessary to enable IT pros to work remote, and securely. Real world experiences from CityJet will detail how, under difficult circumstances, remote working was enabled and how it is operating.

Mickaella Glynn


Mickaella has more than 20 years experience in ICT, with expertise in service design and delivery, and customer success across telco partnerships and direct customers.

She has responsibility for service desk, project management and people experience.

Mickaella will talk about the applications and services that IT professionals will engage with to remain secure and productive, and how they can be delivered efficiently.

Ian O'Brien

Senior Solutions Architect, Fujitsu

Ian has broad experience of IT infrastructure, from enterprise cloud to ICT strategy, security and transformation. Gaining experience with several technology multinationals over a decades long career, he holds accreditations in ITIL, Azure, VMware and more.

Ian will describe the infrastructural aspects of best practice in accommodating IT professionals to work remotely.

James Hallam

Head of IT, Cityjet

James has come through the ranks of Aer Arann, Ryanair and CityJet to the top IT post.

He will describe the experience of enabling his IT department to work remotely during a time of crisis, and what it means for future operations.

All speakers will join the panel discussion to discuss best practice and then fully explore the issues of work-life balance for IT pros and what organisations need to do to take advantage of possibilities introduced. As the post-COVID-19 world will undoubtedly be different, will remote working become a key tool for organisations to ensure IT pros can achieve that elusive contributor to job satisfaction?

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