TECHFIRE 2018 CLOUD SERIES…BurningQuestion

Aviva Stadium | 30 May | 8-10am


The Aviva Stadium was the venue for this free-to-attend session

This free-to-attend briefing in the TechFire series focused on Cloud security. It took place in the Aviva Stadium on Wednesday 30 May.

When we think of migrating to the cloud, or developing hybrid cloud infrastructure, we tend to think of application needs, interoperability and multi-cloud orchestration issues.

However, even as part of the most comprehensive digital transformation effort, security must be at the heart of things. This begs the question, how well can your enterprise security strategy migrate to the cloud, to hybrid cloud or across a multi-cloud environment?

TechFire, in association with Trend Micro and Microsoft, explored these issues to ensure that weaknesses in security are not amplified by the power of the cloud. Paying particular attention to shared responsibility with cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure, and what remains the responsibility of the cloud owner, TechFire provided insights and practical advice to ensure that cloud does not become a vulnerability in your enterprise security. Attendees heard how leveraging security automation can secure cloud while enabling technologies such as IoT, with scalable and elastic services.


TechPro editor Paul Hearns moderated the presentation and panel discussion. Each of the presentations from the morning is available, download here:


Paul Shanahan, Microsoft


Bill Malik, Trend Micro


Chris Davey, Accenture Ireland


Stuart Maclellan,
Head Of IT Operational Service at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Stuart talked about how the cloud enabled the trust to deliver faster, secure and more cost-effective healthcare services.
An experienced digital leader with demonstrated skills in transforming services and large teams. A technology evangelist, pushing technology through cloud adoption in Azure and other hosted platforms to deliver future digital services.

Paul Shanahan,
Business Group Lead Intelligent Cloud, Microsoft

Paul talked about how the elasticity and adaptability of the cloud can accelerate change for those embarking on the transformation journey.
Paul has spent his career in the tech sector, working across national and international markets. In his previous role he supported international organisations in developing their cyber security strategies and understanding threat management technologies. In his current role Paul is the Intelligent Cloud Business Group Lead which has ownership for major platforms such as Azure, Data and Artificial Intelligence.
Paul shared with us how Microsoft are leading Hybrid Cloud innovation and maintaining accessibility and trust throughout.

Bill Malik,
VP of Infrastructure Strategies, Trend Micro

Bill explored how security automation can provide a secure basis for cloud to accommodate emerging technologies such as IoT.
Bill Malik’s information technology career spans over four decades. Before joining Trend Micro, he was CTO of Waveset, an Identity Management vendor, from 2002 through its acquisition by Sun. Bill worked at Gartner for twelve years where he led the Information Security service.
He co-authored the Cobit version 3 standard. During his 12-year career at IBM he worked in MVS development, testing, and business planning. He studied Mathematics at MIT.

Chris Davey,
Head of Security Practice, Accenture Ireland

Chris Davey is Security Practice Lead at Accenture in Ireland. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a certified Accenture Master Technology Architect. Chris has extensive experience architecting and securing solutions for Accenture’s clients.