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“Most organisations are coming around to the fact that a cloud provider can do continuity and availability better than any on-premises solution; but perhaps other concerns are holding them back from making that final leap.”

Paul Hearns, Editor, TechPro magazine

Continuity and recovery services have been revolutionised by cloud computing, to the point where one analyst asserted that BC&DR came free with cloud.

While it is unarguable that availability, continuity and recovery from a cloud provider are hard to match, certain assumptions about what is provided, and what is not, can mean that organisations find themselves in an awkward position when disaster strikes.

Added to this are compliance issues, for example the growing uncertainty around obligations and protections required by the now defined General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), coming into force in 2018. Organisations may face difficult questions and decisions around where their data lives, how it is handled — and how it is protected.

TechFire, in association with Sungard AS, tackled these issues, to clarify what organisations can expect from a cloud provider when it comes to availability, continuity and recovery, as well as compliance issues. With an independent perspective from a senior solutions architect at Accenture, and an on-topic customer experience from Fujifilm, the event clarified potential confusion about this important governance issue.



General Manager, Fujifilm Ireland

Kyran O’Kelly explained why Fujifilm relies on a highly available, resilient and secure cloud infrastructure in terms of guaranteeing an uninterrupted service to its customers. He also expanded on how cloud technology services are helping the company to grow and scale its business at home and internationally.


Solutions Architect, Sungard Availability Services

Availability, Recovery, and Continuity are the bedrock of any mission critical application. What does this mean for applications that rely entirely or partly on cloud services? Brian Finnegan of Sungard AS looked at the causes of downtime and discussed challenges that cloud services might pose.


Solutions Architect, Accenture

Adrian Fitzpatrick spoke from an independent perspective about continuity and availability services, internationally and in Ireland. He has more than 10 years experience with Accenture in the field and has worked extensively with the public sector in Ireland. His view was from the perspective of someone who has implemented the more traditional versions for large organisations. In these terms, he assessed the claims made by service providers for the new generation of cloud offerings.