The use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies varies greatly across organisations, but one thing is certain — IoT will be a vital medium for data gathering in the future.

But having gathered stores of valuable information from a diverse range of sensors, devices and infrastructure, the problem becomes what to do with it all.

TechFire, in association with Three Ireland, explored the future of IoT technologies, how their reach and applications are developing, and where they can bring true value for Irish organisations.

Experts in the development of the technologies, from Cisco and Three, talked about building and managing networks, future directions, and how gathered data will be mined for real intelligence to guide decision making, and deliver competitive advantage.

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TechPro editor Paul Hearns led the discussion.



Geoff McGrath, Director of Data Monetisation and Management, CK Hutchison

Geoff joined Hutchison in 2017 to set up and lead its group-wide big data and analytics initiative. The purpose of this venture is to realise long-term sustainable value through innovative applications leveraging data assets from across the CKH Group.

He heads a team that specialises in design, predictive analytics and simulation to realise valuable insights for operational performance of business and to generate new revenue streams for the Group.



Macario Namie, Head of IoT Strategy, Cisco

Macario has spent over a decade enabling enterprises to capitalize on the Internet of Things. As an early executive at Jasper Technologies, continuing on through its acquisition by Cisco, Macario has lead Marketing, Product Management and Strategy teams, and been at the forefront of IoT innovations both as a vendor as well as an investor.

He is currently the head of IoT Strategy for Cisco. He is based in San Francisco and has built a 20-year career in technology.


Dr Stephen Daniels, Chief Technology Officer, Ei Electronics and Chief Technology Officer, NuWave Sensors

Stephen is currently CTO of Ei Electronics, Ireland’s largest indigenous electronics manufacturer and an acknowledged global leader in the design and manufacture of fire and CO detection products for the residential sector.

Stephen is also the CTO and co-founder of NuWave Sensors. Stephen has published over 200 scientific papers in processing and sensing technologies.