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“Agile methodologies are now being talked of as a business culture; can the right data centre put you on this agile journey?”

Paul Hearns, Editor, TechPro magazine

AGILE: it’s a heavily-used word today in relation to enterprise IT. Not just a development methodology that has transformed the way projects are delivered, agile is now being used in relation to business culture.

Agile has seen project deliveries go from months to minutes, in a managed, but rapid manner — in short, agile.

But can the current revolution in data centres, as they develop toward intelligent, agile, adaptive infrastructures, enable your business to begin its own journey toward an agile business culture?

This TechFire briefing on 23 November 2016 explored how the next generation of data centre services can deliver the kind of flexibility and agility in business services that can form the basis for an agile transformation of your own.

Attendees heard from Zinopy CEO John Ryan, a Dublin-based company that delivers advanced managed services to clients such as Ryanair, KBC and LeasePlan. Its mission statement ‘driving business agility’ relies entirely on a flexible and scalable data centre backbone. John discussed lessons learned delivering on clients’ needs for compliance, security and geographical restriction.

Data centre experts Keith O’Leary and Marc O’Regan added perspective on how next-gen hosted services can kick-start your own agile journey.



John Ryan, CEO, Zinopy

Zinopy is a market-leading IT solutions & services provider which relies entirely on a data centre backbone. He discussed lessons learned delivering on clients’ needs for compliance, security and geographical restriction.


Marc O’Regan, CTO, Dell/EMC

Marc O’Regan will discuss IT and digital transformation, and how people, process and technology are all part of this journey. Here, he focused on today’s digital challenges, and preparing organisations to tackle them with agile, flexible services.


Keith O’Leary, Sungard AS

An agile approach and mindset is critical for all business functions. Keith O’Leary looked at how new approaches and capabilities in data centre automation and orchestration are delivering greater agility and performance, leading to competitive business advantage.