10 March 2021 – Secure Cloud Migration: Have you got the tools and the vision?

Secure Cloud Migration: Have you got the tools and the vision?

10 March 2021

In 2020 many companies were forced to accelerate their digital transformation efforts to keep up with the demands of remote working. As more data and applications move to the cloud for the first time or switch between vendors, 2021 will be seen as a year where simplicity and security become paramount.

From disaster recovery and testing to different models of cloud computing, any futureproof architecture will rely on best practice learned through experience and delivered by automated tools with a minimum of friction, regardless of scale.

James Hughes and Patrick Merrigan from Rubrik and Stephen Byrne from Stryker shared their expertise and experience of secure cloud migration.

Recording Programme

  • Introduction & background from Niall Kitson, Editor, TechCentral.ie
  • Hear from James Hughes, VP of Sales Engineering at Rubrik where he will outline the cloud computing landscape and share his insights on cloud, including his own cloud journeys at organisations such as Schroders, PIMCO and Investec.
  • Customer experience interview with Stephen Byrne, Head of Global Operations, Stryker.
  • Patrick Merrigan from Rubrik joined the show to talk about the tools and share advice on how best to deliver the seamless cloud migration experience.
  • Q and A: Stephen, James and Patrick join the panel discussion and answer viewer questions

Further Reading

The following blog posts from Rubrik make for good reading:

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Event Panel

Stephen Byrne, Head of Global Operations, Stryker

Learn from the experience of Stephen Byrne, head of operations at Stryker – one of the world’s leading medical technology companies who have thousands of employees at four locations spread across Cork and Limerick – as he shares his expertise and experience of secure cloud migration at a time of unprecedented demand.

James Hughes, VP of Sales Engineering, Rubrik

James is a Chartered Information Technology Professional with the British Computer Society and board member of various governance & standards bodies. Previously he was Global Head of Infrastructure & Shared Services Technology at Schroders, Head of Production Services at Premium Credit, VP of Infrastructure at PIMCO and Head of Central IT for Investec Bank Plc.

As a technology executive, he was responsible for their complete infrastructure transformation, building the global team, changing the operating models, leading DevOps & Agile, cloud adoption, automation and building a code-driven infrastructure. There he changed the user experience & perception of technology by building a platform which allowed global users to work from anywhere. Coupled with this were new channels to get insight & data, get new technology and support adopting a more Amazon & Apple approach to tech, rather than traditional financial services.

Patrick Merrigan, Sales Engineer, Rubrik

Patrick brings a wealth of knowledge on industry leading cloud data management solutions which simplify and consolidate operating systems and databases.
He will discuss global compliance standards and frameworks to provide our audience with a foundation for security compliance and simplify how you can manage and protect data in the cloud as well as sharing advice around threat detection, protecting the cloud infrastructure and Microsoft 365 and data governance among other cloud related topics.

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