In 2017, TechFire presented a three-part briefing series on the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which will become law in 2018.

The first briefing in the series introduced the scope and impact of GDPR, posing the question ‘What’s My Exposure?‘.

The second event, ‘How Do I Comply?‘, looked at embarking on the compliance journey: assessing skills, data audits and assembling the project team to get it done.

The third event in the series took place in September and tackled the question ‘How Do I Stay Safe?‘ and examined the ongoing compliance issues, from continuous monitoring and review to the developing role of the Data Protection Officer. It also looked at the positives – there is not only an obligation but an opportunity. With compliance comes competitive advantage, as organisations can better utilise the data at their disposal, gain critical insights, and start to win.


Click below for Presentations, photos and video from events 1, 2 and 3


“GDPR, which will become law in May 2018, has been referred to as the greatest shake-up of privacy laws for more than a decade.”

Paul Hearns, Editor, TechPro magazine