TechFire explores the role of technology in creating and maintaining employee resilience.

The increased pace of digital transformation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to embrace the new world of work to the extent that having the option to work remotely is a deal breaker for job applicants and a decisive factor for employees considering their career options. Organisations are recognising the impact wellbeing can have on health as well as workplace performance and productivity.

As they do so, many employers are coming to understand the importance of addressing employees’ mental health alongside other aspects of wellbeing. Working in an environment that provides security, motivation, and belonging makes employees more able to manage stress and retain motivation - they become more resilient. However, resilience can be threatened if employees lack the correct tools and supports to help them fulfill their potential.

So, how can IT departments build resilience in this new world of work?

This burning question was explored at our TechFire briefing in association with AON on 29 June.

TechFire Panel

AON Chief Information Officer Rajeev Khanna and Traci Peterson, global benefits associate director at Accenture will share their experiences of how IT professionals are making sure technology is an empowering influence instead of a source of frustration.

Rajeev Khanna

Chief Information Officer

Traci Peterson

Accenture global benefits associate director

Niall Kitson

TechFire Host and TechCentral Editor