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“With application requirements increasingly driving infrastructure decisions, hybrid IT is emerging as the new normal. But what’s best to keep, what to outsource? And critically, to whom?”

Paul Hearns, Editor, TechPro magazine

There are few businesses that can simply walk away from existing IT investments to fully embrace cloud, but equally, none can ignore the promise of agile, elastic and resilient infrastructure.

While it is clear there is no one cloud solution for all, it is also evident that application requirements are driving infrastructure decisions.

Amid the cyclone of competing agendas and demands, hybrid IT is emerging as the new normal. But businesses are struggling to determine what best to keep, what best to outsource, and critically, to whom.

This TechFire briefing on 15 March addressed the question of what hybrid IT means in today’s environment, its key elements, and the implications for the CIO, transitioning from IT manager to service orchestrator, infrastructure innovator and beyond.

The event featured the customer experience of MicksGarage.com, a ‘born in the cloud’ company transforming a traditional industry. The business thrives on the intelligent application of technologies such as data mining, process automation and intelligent online marketing.

See the video of Mick Crean, co-founder of MicksGarage.com, talking about the strategic advantages to his business of hybrid IT:

Here, Chris Ducker of Sungard Availability Services outlines current best practice in hybrid IT:




Mick Crean, Operations Manager, micksgarage.com

Mick Crean will explain why MicksGarage.com employs more software developers than warehouse staff. He will focus on data mining, process automation and intelligent online marketing, and lead a panel discussion on how his company has made the journey to hybrid IT.


Steve Dumbleton, Sungard Availability Services

Steve Dumbleton of Sungard AS will share recent pan-European CIO research into hybrid IT and discuss use cases and resolutions to challenges their customers have faced in the complex world of Hybrid IT.


Chris Ducker, Sungard Availability Services

Applications dictate infrastructure strategy and design, not the other way round. Chris Ducker will look at some of those drivers in real-life examples and conclude with tips on forming an application-centric infrastructure strategy.